Friday, January 4, 2008

Back Out There

I re-entered the world today-- I went out for a late breakfast, then to the yarn shop next door and signed up for two knitting classes, felted hat and felted bag-- Then I was off to school to grade papers or finish figuring grades. The custodians did such a good job on my room, it looked great, it smelled great, I was only there less than an hour because I wasn't as far behind as I thought! I went to a couple of stores and came home to add on to the lacy alpaca scarf I am making. I am loving that scarf. My goal will be to wear it on Monday. A scarf usually only takes me one day, but I keep getting up and playing with the computer. I also find the lacy pattern takes me a bit of time. I am not a speedy knitter. I may never be a speedy knitter. I am trying to break it up so I don't get a big muscle spasm in my back.

Dh put the charger on my car and got it going again. When I got in the car I realized I had left the radio on as I suspected and that in combination with a few near zero nights and no driving led to my predicament of completely drained battery. All better now.

What I have to do now is get back on my regular sleep schedule. For the first time in several years I have been sleeping until 7:30 or even 8a.m. This has been unheard of for me for a long long time. I have actually gotten enough sleep and feel pretty rested. Hopefully this sleeping all night thing will continue, I like it.

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