Friday, January 11, 2008

Knitting and Exercising

I started the felted hat class on Monday evening and had at least 9
rows done before I got there. As it turned out, though I consider
myself a rank beginner, I was the pro at the table. I have knitted to
the very top of the hat now and it looks like a cozy for the Liberty
Bell. I will be ready to felt on Monday, I am determined to get this
done. I chose a red wool with black or navy flecks in it and now I need
to find a bowl to fit my head. The class discussed going to big box
store together and trying on bowls. funny image. That might possible
include straight(strait? dire straits?) jackets and ambulances!

I got in my hour and a half of exercise, 30 minutes on the elliptical
before class starts. He killed us again with some new ab work and my
lunge steps were consistently 8 steps per half lap down from nine. I
moan and groan, but I am strong everywhere except the knee bones...

back: he has been sleeping and taking muscle relaxants, today is his
regular massage, I expect him to be much much better by the end of
today. It has been a miserable nearly three weeks for him.

And this to my brother cook, I got a jar of Goya Mexican tomato cooking base on sale at Kroger's and added it to my Spanish rice as well as having the usual plain tomato sauce and boy, is it extra yummy. I also added portobellos because I had them and didn't think I was going to get them used.

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