Saturday, December 29, 2007


Preschool grandson had his first inkling of Santa this year, he actually asked him for something, Buzz Lightyear. There was an array of gifts under the crafty tree designed by Chicago daughter and decorated with finger paintings cut into ornaments embellished with sequins, and other shiny things. There were gifts for each adult and for the only child present. I, of course, am up at 5a.m. (that was a three hour wait) waiting for an unsuspecting preschooler to come downstairs, plus all the adults to see his first look at the display. His eyes caught Buzz Lightyear and that was it, nothing else was necessary, except "where's Santa?" "On to other homes," I say. H was so not interested in anything else except the one desired toy. I work with middle schoolers whose parents had better not make a mistake on all the stuff they think they should have for Christmas and I am sure many of the Moms took a lot of heat for not coming up with WII, or the correct phone, but H was in 3 year old delight. He had to be encouraged to look at anything else and he finally gave the riding toy its due. grampa made him a cubic foot of heavy lumber glued together with nails partially pounded in and a hammer. When he barely peeked into a box and caught sight of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, he ran in anger and shock to the pounding block and did exactly what it was designed for, relieve stress. It was a long time before the Beast got more than a sideways glance from him. I hear he is now clicking away with his Fisher Price digital camera. Our babies are so photographed with the advent of digital cameras and easy point and shoots that it seems very appropriate for a three year old to have his own camera and enjoy it. It was a peaceful gentle morning of play and I really think our family gift (under the guidance of law-daughter) to the SIL very nearly brought him to tears..I think it will be a dream for him like the time we got together and got Uncle Jimmy a chance to engineer a real train, or when I gave DH his first set of glassblowing classes a few years ago.