Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh My Aching Back

I have had back pain for a few days, then we had the washing machine drama and I washed the clothes from just over a week. I didn't carry every single thing to the laundromat last week. I made a defensive snoring move to the sofa about midnight only to wake up crying at 3. DH applied bio freeze and I got in a couple more hours of napping. I struggled to the shower at 5, blasted the aching area with hot water-- then got DH to put the gel pads from my Dr. Ho's electrocutor. I went from barely walking to fairly normal. I stayed hooked up, am still hooked up, and vibrating all day. I have had a lot of relief, but I think I will sleep in it tonight as well and try to get in for an emergency massage tomorrow after school. I am really, really tired from the lack of sleep and the horrible quality of what I did get. I will soon be drinking some sleepy tea from Celestial Seasonings-- Maybe I should put two tea bags in it instead of one!

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moms know best said...

Ohh i love the dr.ho massager. definitely does the trick!