Saturday, December 8, 2007

No Babysitting

An ice storm or freezing rain is heading right for my little family's house. I could have made it over, but possibly not back in time for work on Monday. It is off. I did go shop for a baby gift for a good friend at school and got one of those cool changing pads my daughter has had and has used since the beginning of H's life. It is perfect for granmas and granpas and all kinds of portable situations. Use it on a bed, use it on a counter use it on the floor, use it anywhere and you have a totally safe and comfy changing place. A newborn can even take a nap on it if need be. It is a great invention, just enough of a curve of a side te prevent rool oevers.

I finished reading "The Higher Power of Lucky" in my hangout restaurant this a.m. and found myself unexpectedly with eyes full of tears near the end of the book. I am going to have DH read this one, he'll love it, too, although it is YA literature, it touches in some very familiar areas. I got it, I was forgetting tohighlight the title in the text itself.

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