Saturday, December 22, 2007

Back Home from Midsize City

Got there so early I thought I'd have to wait in the car for shops to open, I forgot, tis the season to open early so I went into a few shops, bought a few items I just fell in love with. Went to Target's, my city isn't affluent enough to have one, so we have to go over there, found a few more things I wasn't looking for and came on home. DH is still asleep. I guess I'll find out later if he knows I was even gone! Oh, and, secret code to my brother, you can finally prepare to fluff. I have actually taken the long-addressed box and put in on a slow boat to China, well that's the service I asked for anyway. Now I am off to make the third North Carolina Sonker of my whole life, it is fast becoming my new claim to fame. Before that, I was a famous non-baker, although my sibs may remember the many many cookies I baked in their childhood. Lets just say when my own daughter heard me slicing and baking for the 6th grade team a few years ago....well..shock is what you might label her reaction, shock and envy.I soothed her by saying, .."don't worry, it's just slice and bake."

I just want you to know, it took me at least 6 times to successfully complete every step to make a link. I do not have it memorized YET!

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rickah said...

Waiting in “China”— 谢谢
(Shieh, shieh; Thank you).