Saturday, December 22, 2007

5:30a.m. as usual

It is Saturday, I am on break officially, and still got up at 5:30. I am ready to put my first load of the day from the silent washer into the dryer. I must bake and cook a bit, but first I may trek over to next city's shopping center. It has a BORDERS!! and I have a coupon....

Yesterday's program ran over, I was supposed to ride a bike into the gym as a gift to a student, I chose the largest bike, but my legs were still too long and they simply wouldn't bend that far. I have really gotten adjusted to a bike with a frame for the truly tall. Yesterday it felt like me trying to ride a trike. Luckily, there was somebody else. There were 12 happy and shocked children.

la la la the totally mundane.

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