Saturday, December 1, 2007

Now It Begins

The big wait. And DH has gone glassblowing, a trip I'd like to be on even though I spent all my money and some future monies on this machine. HH called at 7a.m. to tell me they'd be here between 9 and noon. I think they leave from Big City warehouse and that is over an hour away. Suppose I am first on their list? Doubt it. At any rate, the corner is ready for its new washer and so am I.

Another week without toddler grandson--grit my teeth. Next weekend for sure--there is babysitting afoot. I should have some arrivals from Amazon today as well, Uncle Amazon I should say. We have a personal relationship. Uncle Amazon just throws books at me.

By the way, that medicine ball toss has my abs reeling this morning, just proves I have some in there. There was a time when I thought they did not even exist. Don't judge me until you have delivered close to 20 lbs of twins, and that placenta, it had some mass, too.


Henny Penny said...

You can come over if you want.

blogmom said...

As it turned out, the washing machine took up the day and the spirit of travel.