Saturday, December 8, 2007

I Tried to Write

about this gorgeous book and make a link to it, but I kept leaving out a step. No I remember the step. The book is "Flotsam"
And it is a beautiful book of water colors that will take a child's mind on many trips in their imagination. There are no words and the concept is a combination of science and fantasy. There is so much to talk about and to enjoy with children of many ages. A mid grade teacher could have a lot of fun with this book and probably inspire some quality writing, some quality conversation.

My toddler grandson already has Wiesner's "Hurricane" and I have 'read; it to him many times. This guy is quite an artist.

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RickAH said...

I checked out the site for the books you mentioned (Flotsoam, Hurricane, Lucky) and they all are very appealing.

Consider making a "Listmania" for your choices. It would interest me a lot.

I like to know these things on Amazon:
1. Is it eligible for free shipping?
2. Is it available used and cheap?
3. Is a book available in Audio format?


p.s. I got my computer working today. :-)