Wednesday, July 25, 2007


YES, to both of you, towels aplenty, at least a 10 year supply. and bathmats, too, and how about some 2 cup coffee pots? Get the picture, the living room is a literal Alps of off white towels, even after all the giveaways! And I haven't taken out my share yet!!

As for today, the little prince is napping. I took a darn long time to get to it, too. We played outside for about 2 hours first thing, and I mean before 7a.m. Sorry, neighbors if our singing got too loud! Then we watched some Sesame Street and what I hoped would be a fresh Caillou, it wasn't. We played trains in Daddy's office AND I got the music to play. All this plus some dancing took place before bath time. I promised Daddy I'd do the bath. That was fun until the hair. of course, but I got him to play past the hair and stay in the water for a while. It was 20 till one before story and nap, whew. In 10 or 15 minutes he was sound asleep and I only had to say, in a Billy Goat Gruff voice one time, "get back in that bed.. " I am leaving something out, oh yes, there was food, mostly a hot dog day.

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