Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Bar

Untold thousands of law school graduates have converged in Chicago to take the high stakes test of their young lives. I myself am supplying care to my little prince of the Midwest whle his Mommy, law-daughter is taking this test. Today he is having his first nap in several days. After a few hours of rolling around on the floor playing with matchbox cars with him, among other things, and a hearty lunch of steamed garden veggies, a fresh peach, two hot dogs, and a glass of milk, off he went, somewhat reluctantly, but successfully for a NAP. I have had a much needed shower and some time to read blogs and even write on my own. I have washed a few windows and hope for a noticeable response to the missing toddler noseprints! Since this is not my home, I find it much easier to do a few chores. Things look better easily here as compared to my dark cave with 30 years of odds and ends built up. I do watch those shows where people come in and organize one into comfort and beauty, but my house isn't quite bad enough to qualify, except for the recent heap of towels which I am dispensing to the meagerly toweled as I meet them, I still have a path!

About those towels:
daughter, 10+10 handtowels+4bathmats
teacher 1 same
teacher 2 same
friend from the pool, 6
trainer, 6, no hand towels, no bath mats
Aunt B. 12, to share with cousin T and boys
Oh yeah! my cousin ya ya 10 or 12, I forget
just a small accounting of really nice towels that were going to the DUMP!
....and I still have plenty of towels to find homes for. They are housebroken and don't bark at the neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Abbie could use some if you still are doling them out

Chicago daughter said...

Does Chicago daughter get towels?

blogmom said...