Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I saw it yesterday evening and it was lovely. It was strange to hear Natasha Richardson speaking with Vanessa Redgrave's younger voice--exactly! The girl who was represented in old age by Meryl Streep looked as if she would age right into Meryl Streep. Claire Danes is fabulous. I thought the movie was touching. One thing that was off-kilter was that the "girls" in the movie, were growing up in the fifties, yet they are still of childbearing age-- I am sorry, but their eggs should really already be gone and grandchildren should be in the wings-- still, it was easier to suspend that disbelief, though it jarred me, than rats in the kitchen. I never got over the calf in the Billy Crystal movie being a Jersey calf instead of a Hereford, it pains me to this day.

2 days ago I spent 1 1/2 hours sitting with my MIL at the nursing home. She seemed especially cheerful and has a new chatty table mate who keeps conversation going, whether anyone is listening or not. I found it entertaining and she still remembers things that are downtown currently. I thought we might take a roll around the block, a very large block, NO in no uncertain terms-- nap time. I stayed a while longer, but I was really invisible and finally left. I should say all the table mates enjoyed their lunches and my MIL says the food there is great.

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