Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Extra Perfect

I have felt the noticeable regaining of flexibility in my hips in the past two weeks, so much to my happy surprise, I was able to get my leg over the bike in a normal but slow fashion. The trail is in beautiful condition and the smells and sounds are those of my late childhood in the country, lots of blooms, and birds calling. I even saw a real bluebird. I took ID and quarters to get water at the end of the trail--no water--no fountain, no Next time I will take water. We are supposed to have several low humidity days in a row here, so I will not be unprepared again. A huge deer appeared on the trail in front of me, 15 or 20 yards away, I have read enough of Gary Paulsen to never underestimate the wildness of a deer and rode with caution, I even barked a little bit as I neared where it might have been. That phrase you always read about deer melting into the brush? So true.

Talked with DH today, he has shipped all the boxes of goodies the inn owners were taking to the dump instead of giving to goodwill or something. Towels for the whole extended family and even friends! He says our number one grandson is a perfectionist and very very good at making models. DH said he is amazing. Maybe that will help inspire him to get the grades to stay in school, I mean the hope of learning something that he can do with his hands. He is plenty smart, he just hasn't learned to value education.

If I don't do a single other thing today, I feel good about this day. Oh, and Leah should be back in Chicago by now, that is unless the flights are delayed, what's the chance of that?

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