Thursday, July 19, 2007


My dh just sent me 6--yes 6--skeins of alpaca yarn from an alpaca farm in Maine. It is the softest yarn I have ever touched. I have no idea what do do with it, maybe make a baby blanket for ME so I can cuddle and touch it for the rest of my life! It is amazing. I looked at their site, and it isn't very helpful yet, but it does tell you where it is.

I had breakfast with friends from school today and gave away another half dozen towels, found future homes for more. It is easier than finding homes for puppies! or kittens. My weight loss was noticed, it in combination with a year of hard exercise is starting to show. That was somewhat gratifying. Yes, really gratifying.

I will soon be sitting for the prince of the Midwest while his mommy takes the bar. I have requested some tivos of reading between the lions, I am tired of Caillou's whining. The lessons are always good, but, let's get real, he whines! I watched Reading Between the Lions--research-- and it is an excellent replacement for that old classic, The Electric Company, for which I have pined in H's behalf. This is H's last week in day care until a law job is acquired and I think he will miss the other toddlers. I LOVE the school he has gone to, it has been such a good place to be in day care.

Another step up in the world of blogs, I actually put in a link to somewhere and it turned blue! You can click on it! Wahoo,

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