Saturday, July 14, 2007


DH is working at an inn in Maine and they are changing their decor from off white to pink. I have all the towels that were going to the dump--absolutely nothing wrong with them except they were not the chosen color. I have expanded my idea of toweling my family to also toweling colleagues with families. Sets of 10 with bath mats, too, and hand towels. I am fixing a box of towels and bed pillows for law-daughter and family. I also have enough two cup coffee pots, Mr. Coffee to give one to each faculty member at my school so they can brew a cuppa if needed. I have been bringing things into the tiny living room and the sofa is completely covered up to the window with towels and pillows. Soon my feng shui friend is stopping by before we go see the new pixar movie to pick up her life-time supplies of towels. Turned out to be in the nick of time for her with her two swimming teen daughters. She'll take those cute crochet lace pillows that adorn some people's beds, people who make their beds and pile them with pillows. She does that, now that surprises me more about her than any of her wild teen stories!

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