Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Oh Dear

Leah broke her camera and she is in Israel-- YIKES--no more photos of the ancient of ancient cities.

I heard loud noises last night, thinking man the private fireworks have gotten intense. My town had their fireworks last night on the wrong night! I wasn't going, but I didn't know I was missing them! 10 more days of being alone. I am not adjusting very well. I don't know how people do it except that they must. If I just track back through my mind, I have never been alone. HMM that's mind boggling. I looked forward to about 2 weeks of it, but the kitchen table is piled up again! I have watched too many movies. not enough paintings. and am here now, not there, wherever there is. I think I shall leave the bungalow and go out to hunt and gather for a while. Today is Sylvia Browne day on Montel, though, and I find her fascinating. Strangely blunt, but fascinating.

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