Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July 4--Oops It's Here

I just realized I have no plans--strange to have no plans with no partner at home to have no plans with. Hmmm. I sat in Denny's and read a painting magazine. I got a new tackle box for a hint I read about at least a year ago-- to put out your paint in a tackle box and do plein air painting-- the paint squeezed out of the tubes into the spaces in the top of the box. The seal is very tight when the box is closed, and the other recommendation is to spritz the paint with vinegar water to help it stay moist and not get moldy quickly. I think I will now be actually trying the tip instead of just thinking about it.

Walmart has fresh blueberries today for only $1.50 a pint and are they nice looking. If I hadn't had breakfast at 10 after swimming classes, I'd be eating them now.

My DH has our oldest grandson with him in Maine to "work"-- this week is probably the last chance for number one to straighten up and do something. Summer camp for a child who has had no discipline for most of his 15 years is rather difficult. It is difficult for a grandpa to find a line between employer and grandpa. Being a grandpa is supposed to be fun. I do hope they both make it back here for the remainder of the summer, but I have been teaching too long to think that we have the cure.

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