Wednesday, June 6, 2007

OK--Studio or No Studio

I bought myself a good bike, one that will accept a 6 foot tall woman without breaking her back. After not riding my walmart bike for 2 years, I cannot throw my leg over the back of the seat, and don't try on bikes wearing crocs, either. That new bike is sitting in the kitchen and I will put on the deluxe seat DH got me a couple of years ago and I will be ready to peddle on a cloud. I may need to find a box to stand on to get on and off, though! When DH gets home from the big job, he is going to build the glass/art studio for both of us, and I was waiting for that to get a good bike. If you saw his garage, I take no ownership of that, especially now that I have found the office encroaching on 3 rooms instead of one...If there was a tornado or a robbery here, it would be hard to tell. It was either fast or get a good bike, fast or get a good bike.....guess I am not fasting. I have been swimming every day of my summer vacation and this is day 3.

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