Monday, June 11, 2007


I purchased a new mower on sale at Sears, a craftsman. I wanted it ready to gas up and use. All I had to do was put in the oil and the gas and pull the string. guess what, you need to check the height of the wheels before you do that, I was in a cloud of dirt and dust as I was at the lowest possible setting. I got the wheels raised to what I hope was 3 inches and set off, through the running bamboo, under the English walnut where there used to be a wildflower garden and now it is just wild with quite a bit of that classic plant, poison ivy. I got all but a little bit done before I gave up and came in for some pop. That was the dirtiest dustiest lawn mowing ever. I seem to remember rain in the near past, even a couple of downpours, but it must not be enough. Then there was the strip where the gas company plowed the yard all the way from front to back and put in new pipes for gas. I noticed they came back while I was swimming and threw down some grass seed. Thanks guys, what makes you think I want grass? Oh yeah, its a yard. I prefer to think of it as a forest on the edge of the plains where young children pack up their jowl bacon and go off on bear hunts. "The Bears of Blue River" is a great read and a look at the past, written in the 1600's, to read it to your kid you must deal with the inherent racism and the hatred of predators, other than that a great read aloud full of adventure from the days before microwaves and McD's--way before. well, really, before refrigeration, plumbing and running water.

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