Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Feel Dizzy

My law graduate took down her blog-- I am a blog reader and feel really in touch with my kids when I can look at their blogs, things we might forget to talk about on the phone are interesting to me and the updated pics of Henry are like B-12 shots. I realized I had to bookmark Gone Feral if I was going to continue to read her! The missing blog reminds me of the one foggy overcast day in Colorado Springs when you couldn't see Pike's Peak out the picture window of my sister's home. It made you feel unbalanced. This was after being there a week and already becoming accustomed to the strong mountain looking like a vision out the front window every day. I may limp from this lopsidedness! Larry has oldest grandson in Maine and they are working hard. Alan is acquitting himself well in the work department. Tomorrow they are going kayaking! That should be fun. Good thing Larry already found a massage therapist who is very strong, he'll be needing it!

I did run over a sit for Henry on Thursday and we had a perfectly delightful day. We played outside, we watched a little Caillou--he ate a hearty lunch and took an equally hearty nap. If there were any shenanigans that day, he saved them for Mom and Dad. I have seen another movie-- Waitress. another winner. it may be a chick flick, but it was very entertaining.

I am reading the Mermaid's Chair and like it very much-- in fact, I shall stop here now and go read some more.

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