Thursday, June 21, 2007

Now I Get It

I bent over to pick up my swim bag and pow--the lower back did something screamingly painful. My husband and my daughter have this happen to them on a very regular basis, but I am very proud of my nearly trouble free very strong back--swimming muscles. Suddenly I am barely able to locomote-- I did jump in the pool, but getting out and feeling gravity again, whew. All I have done this afternoon is turn the heating pad on and off for 15 minutes at a time, take some Excedrin and even a leftover pain pill from my case of shingles last winter or spring or whenever it was. There is no way I can go to my crazy hard exercise class at 4... and I was really counting on it. No really, I love that class. Luckily, toddler grandson doesn't need much picking up, I am scheduled to take care of him this weekend, I guess he won't be "flying" on my feet. I am off to get some ice now and see about alternating that with the heat. I wonder if I can get an emergency massage?

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