Saturday, June 9, 2007

First Ride

I find, after two years of not riding a bike, that I cannot throw my leg (must be the arthritis) over the seat or even bend my knee enough to lift my leg over the bar. grrrr. I have to lower the bike to the ground and step over it, then pick up the bike. So far, I have to get off the same way. Somewhat humiliating. And THEN I was wobbly for half a block! Jeez, it takes use it or lose it to another place. Hey folks, that includes riding your bicycle like a kid. The ride, though, was nice. I didn't stay out long, but the weather is perfect. I am now over the nervousness of being home alone, I took ID with me and money for water, and hoping I had put the front wheel back on exactly correctly. I am here to tell you, it didn't fall off. Whew.

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