Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good Day

Great workout last night, constant motion weights--40 minutes on the elliptical, half an hour of some new stretches that really pushed the limits. I find I am getting back some of my flexibility, slowly over the past year. I took care of some errands and came home and set up some paintings and DID them, instead of thinking about doing them. I have done 3 small paintings and that is as good as a workout!
Larry is lonely and bored and ready to come home, but the job continues to grow. It has been a full month now, and that should have been it. Number one grandson is turning out to be a hard worker, he doesn't want to go whale watching, he wants to work, he doesn't want to go kayaking, he wants to sleep and work. I hope he is worked into a normal schedule by the time he gets here, I don't know if I can stand someone lurking around the house all night, besides me. By the way, have you ever noticed how ominous squeaks become when no one is coming home later? Whatever else I do or don't do today, I can feel good about what I have done. The paint is out already, might as well use it!

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