Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1

The countdown really begins today, on my birthday. One from eighteen equals seventeen days until the first day of school. We get a really nice invitation to a mandatory teacher meeting on the first day. Then we spend the afternoon at our own building having a faculty meeting then some time in our classroom. I always find the invitation somewhat hilarious. I signed up for a workshop on "boys in Crisis" pm the 14from 9 until noon, I can still swim before that, so my summer isn't ruined! I think the topic is very improtant, even critical.

I got home from my swim and a little stop at panera's to read and have a late breakfast, followed by the tiniest little bit of shopping at TJ MAXX. I found Henry a new set of extra long sheets for his bed, they're covered with tiny alligators or crocodiles and of course they are blue to go with his decor.

The dog had wrapped her cable around the tree and so could not come back to her water. I stupidly went out without another leash to loop around her neck and ended up tightly trapped against the tree myself with the cable cutting into my bare ankles as she was determined to knock me down and probably lick me to death. In her great happiness, she clawed my arm and it is quite the bloody mess. I am considering keeping it that way until the dog's daddy comes home, but I can't stand the smell of dog on me so I am going to have to wash up. My brand new white T is also splattered, I buy these t's to splatter at WORK! and not feel badly about it.
I will probably be able to get the blood out. Walmart special.

My arms and shoulders are so tired from last night's workout, but in a very good way. I didn't even know with the beta blockers I take that I could even get my heart rate up into an aerobic zone, but I can. I guess that is what I need every week. I wear myself out on the elliptical, but with my knees, I don't really raise the heart rate, though I do sweat plenty and need lots of water afterwards. I have a book around here on aerobic weight training, and I had a sample last night, I liked it.

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Leah said...

Happy Birthday Mom!