Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was the only person who showed up for class tonight. So for my $20 a month, I had a true personal trainer. I always come in early and do a half hour on the elliptical and tonight I really raised the resistance for me and worked those legs. Then the weights were mostly for the back, I literally worked to failure on every one of them, my heart was definitely in aerobic space, I can barely lift my fingers to type now. whew, now that was the end of what I call my movie star day. You know how they workout all the time? I swam for two hours this morning, had a haircut, followed by a massage, then home for a bit and off to my evening workout. I don't feel like a starlet right now, I feel like some one who is going to be 61 tomorrow, but her arms are getting more muscular in there. I almost didn't go, I told myself if I could get my swede-o brace on my ankle and my shoes on, by 4:30, I'd go. Lacing that thing up takes time, but I made it and am I ever glad I did!

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