Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just my opinion

TV has really done enough saving power, how long have they been shooting dramas in the dark? Courtrooms, police stations, operating rooms, really. I am watching The Cleaner, what I can make out visually, all dark, dark, dark and not just metaphors. Sometimes there is some of that golden yellow light outside bathing the scene of addicts outdoors--golden light, as per CSI Miami, the rest is chiaroscuro. I have actually been in some operating rooms waiting for the two second trip from awake to total blackout--there is a bright 1000 watt light right over you and even the ER is very very lit up. So give me a break, turn on a couple of lights. OK, one place where they could turn out the lights, the news, the annual flu shot news stories--do you have to show a needle into the arm every damn year? I can't take it. I don't look at my own shots, let alone want to see somebody else's, and I give bood, that's a whopping big needle, but I don't want to LOOK at it. That goes for any vaccination story-- I don't want to see the needle going into an arm, a spindly starving arm, a plump baby arm.

an addendum days later, The John Adams series on HBO, shot darkly--that was good, it certainly pointed out how people lived in those days before electricity. By the way, that is an amazing series, I almost said asesome, but I am tired of that word.

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