Sunday, July 27, 2008


Writing has really fallen off this summer, having fallen under the spell of twitter where short mundane sentences are just right. I just went out and ran the mower over the dog's park, it used to be a yard, now it is an obstacle course of sticks, holes and bowling balls stuffed under the fence to keep her in. That is no longer necessary as she can now sail blissfully over the fence without having to excavate. She is so sweet and loving that all kinds of neighbors return her home and one even put her in the kennel after she leaped over the fence. That is how we know she can jump the fence. I think one girl even has our phone number memorized by now.

I have been reading Jen Lancaster, hilarious, Joyce Carol Oates, Amy Guth, and believe me, after Amy, Joyce is no longer the most out there writer I have ever read! Go Amy. I am waiting with bated breath for the next Guth.

oh my gosh, I was just thinking of going to Menard's and maybe checking out a fire pit for the dogs sticks, that's legal--in the city, burning sticks in a fire pit, just not on the ground, but Barack is going to be on Meet the Press for a full hour....hmmm. Too bad Tim isn't around to do this.

I was down at my favorite local cafe this week and one of the nephews, aged 29, not fat, but a smoker, had a heart attack and a 100% blocked artery. His little brother, 6ft64 lanky Jon, had a collapsed lung from smoking last winter, come on boys, --things are happening to the very young that oughtn't to be happening.

Just consider this a very long twitter, but I have to fight the urge to take a lawn chair and go sit in the yard at Sister's, missing home the most in the summer time. The swimmin' hole filled in over time with silt, and I am sure modern farm chemicals have really ruined it anyway, but still, I miss it.

The art teachers are getting together at the first local coffee shop in town, we have been going there since the girls were 15 or 16, so it isn't new anymore. It came under new management and they managed to improve it so much and yet retain the true coffee shop feel of the place. Better chairs and better coffee machine, and better supply of baked goods baked on site by the owner/wife. This get together is a big blaring signal that a teacher's summer is coming to a close, we go back to school August 18-- OMG-- did we ever really wait until labor day? 43 years ago I graduated on May 17-- My son's birthday used to fall outside the school year on May 25, and now we start mid august and go until at least June 1-

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