Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Class Down

I have completed my 6 hours for relicensing and my license is up in one year. It was a grueling week, and not because of the work, the work was interesting, fun and helpful, but I am not made to sit for 8 hours with few walks...I am not a big walker, but in my own classroom, I do not have to sit still, and I don't. I didn't realize how much freedom I have in my little kingdom. Even the young teachers were in pain, backs, necks, we were practically head down on Friday from the sitting. I felt vindicated cause it wasn't just me. I cannot wait to jump in the pool in the morning. We went to the prairie yesterday to help the children with a drywall problem, well, DH did that, I just got to play with the 3.5 year old. He has an imagination on full throttle and it is more fun than ever. We can pretend, pretend, pretend. We took the dog and she played well, though she did some of her landscaping under the neighbor's fence. Not appreciated. I hope when she goes to live there, the great increase in attention and exercise will help her overcome that problem. She and the preschooler can run in great looping circles like a team--it is a sight to see.

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