Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer School

I took an intense, 8-hour a day class for five days and will receive 3 hours of graduate credit. I got all of my work completed and handed in on that day. I am pleased with the class and that I do not have to worry about mailing in my portfolio. I will take another one in mid July so my teaching license will be taken care of for the next renewal, nearly painlessly, except the back of my legs are covered with bruises from the library chairs and 8 hours a day sitting. Maybe the princess should take a cushion to the next class! I am thankful I can move around and walk and stand whenever I want to on my real job, cause sitting all day every day actually causes injury! It was kind of fun to present my project to such a wide range of teachers, from K through 12, higher maths, special education, language arts, and math math math. There were two art teachers. I don't like to take classes during the school year as my energy goes to my classroom, so these are ideal.

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