Monday, June 2, 2008


I went to an orthopaedic guy at a renowned ortho place-- he told me my knees are trashed, no cartilage on the inner knee, the rheumatologist said I was no where near knee replacement....ortho guy scoffed. He also told me I do not have severe over-pronation at all, but that the birks do hold the arthritic smushed ankle in place. The ankle is pretty much destroyed. I can get an orthotic with a very high arch to hold all that in place, I can wear a brace, or I can have a surgery to fuse things together and screw things together and have a 4 month recovery, two in non-weight bearing cast and two in weight bearing cast....I thought I was going to have an easy decision to clean out spurs and cysts and go about my merry way. And, of course, size does matter. So back to family doc who has recommended bariatric surgery. I feel slightly depressed. oh, and the surgery will leave me with up and down movement of the foot but not a flexing side to side. At any rate, that explains what makes me such a bad Chicago mom.
Please dear daughters, NEVER jump rope on the front porch in bare feet, never take aerobics classes with bad shoes, and never be overweight for 30 years. Add that to my
always wear good shoes" advice. Your grandma MJ believed in that for her kids and they have great feet. and ankles.

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