Sunday, September 16, 2007


A record number of cousins, second cousins and third cousins were together in one spot yesterday including my daughter and grandson. We had lots of cousin food and several things made that my aunt would have made so we had the hints of the missing generation. H spent hours running through the "forest", he loves the forest! It is a small woods with about 4 well travelled tracks circling through it and first he and I walked round it a few times, then tiny little Hayley took him by the hand and walked him around it many times.. Soon a whole gang of 2's to 10's were running through the forest. H now knows that leaves of three-leave it be-- and he told his mom "there is poison ivy everywhere, so stay on the path." Jessie was there with her baby bump, Mandi, Amy, NINA!!! fiance's, fiance's nieces, It was running with the big kids heaven for H. We drove home on "bumpy" roads (read that hilly) that tickled H and we even swung through to see the very last bit of vivid sunset at Grandma Jean's resting place. He wanted to know if we were going to sleep there, he is rather fond of dead people's parks. It was too chilly for that, but the view from that gentle hill was really beautiful. As we arrived back in the dark, there was an acrobatic airplane swooping and streaking and dropping spectacular fireworks, a really nice last ten miles on the interstate.

I am up and showered and awaiting the awakening of the long lean nearly three year old.

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