Sunday, September 16, 2007

This Morning

H slept until 9:30 and that is late, even with the hour's time difference. We had a yogurt smoothie to tide us over until Gimpa was ready to go to breakfast, which turned out to be after Fantasia and up to the scary bits of lion king-- We had a half hour wait at the restaurant and H and I had to take a long stroll as his patience was wearing thin. Once he got a few bites of food in him, all was well. He was exhausted by then so we took a detour through one of out picturesque parks as he has a love for forests, then home to play with the pup/dog for a while, the dog is an excellent ball retriever. Now they are off on their 2 hour drive home. DH is going kayaking and I have to decide what I am going to do. It will not be laundry--that I got done yesterday at 5a.m. for some unknown reason. Must be the habits of aging women! I may read with my fabulous new lenses that can even view the tiny names in the phone book!

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