Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day One Down

My group of students followed directions very well, they did not end up needing all of their extended time for IEP's and we got three tests done. I am worried about one student who's handwriting in 8th grade literally looks like that of a three year old just beginning to make letters. Asking him to plan and write an essay...... We spent the afternoon watching movies, drawing, and I started a Gary Paulsen book students usually love, "A Soldier's Heart." or Soldiers Heart, addressing what is now called post-traumatic stress disorder and was called a soldiers heart in the civil war. This book breaks your heart as all Gary Paulsen books do in one way or another. I did hurry home after school, as it makes a boring day for a teacher. Oh well, most of it takes place in three days. Next Tuesday we will do the last section, a separate test.

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