Tuesday, February 13, 2007

There Go Our Snow Days

I noticed on the scrolling on the bottom of the tv that some entire counties near here are CLOSED. Universities near and far are CLOSED. The county offices are closed as well. I checked our home page and my school corporation will be closed tomorrow for the second day in a row. I may as well kiss my 7th grade project goodbye....as well as those lovely built in snow days in the spring. I did venture out this morning on a couple of errands, nothing bad happened, but I breathed a sigh of relief when I got back home after my foolish trip. If it isn't necessary to life, it isn't necessary to go out. I breathed another sigh of relief when I learned that law school daughter and her family stayed home-- they have blowing and drifting snow. Big city daughter uses buses and trains so I imagine she is at work.

I am starting a Carol Shields novel and it is off to a good start I am hooked right in. I had trouble reading Stone Diaries, so I don't even know why I bought another one of her books. Oh, I know, I had her mixed up with Ursa Helgi-- SHE'S hard to read. I enjoyed Jody Picoult's Tenth Circle-- I am glad I already read "Why Gender Matters"
and already knew the distressing direction teenage sex has taken. Oh, and by the way, how about that "365 Penguins"? There I think I have touched enough genres for one day.

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