Monday, February 5, 2007

Did I say today was going to be normal?

HA! Kids were as wound up today as they were Friday about the game and its outcome. I think it is just like politics, you hear what the parents thought about the game out of the mouths of children. Tomorrow is another 2 hour delay for the intense cold and I am grateful. We(teachers) are to report at our normal time, but school starts at ten.

We had our hard workout after school today with our trainer, great class. We do half cardio and half weights. I was determined this year to not get into the winter doldrums that I have sunk in to each year since my Mom died. This is the third winter, but I am sticking to my exercise regime right through this depressing dark time of the year. It is helping to keep this activity going and keeping me in a more positive state of mind. Two winters in a row I felt like a slug who just laid down and slept when I wasn't working. It is much better now. I just have to add swimming back into my routine now and all will be set.

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