Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

Normalcy returns tomorrow. DH invited someone over to watch the game--YIKES! stash the knitting in the clever cubes disguised as coffee tables, and a hammer and the nail clippers, too. run the vacuum. But, hey, company means I get to watch HGTV in bed and HE has to watch football on the sofa--upright...and I will do all my own channel changing and watch as many home decorating and organizational shows as I can stand. Those shows don't work any better for me than having every diet book published has helped with weight loss! In fact, more stuff is piled up as I watch those amazing people turn solid waste into magazine worthy rooms. Maybe House or Grey's Anatomy will have marathons tonight. Did I tell you I had no intention of getting out of jammies this weekend and into the cold. Wrong on both counts. Early trip to big box store in -20 windchill, didn't have to fight the crowds. Left the diet coke on the back porch to prepare for going into the fridge.

By the way if any other teachers find me, I highly recommend the book "Teach Like Your Hair is on Fire" for both inspiration and for practical help. If you have a new young teacher friend or your child has entered the field, give them this book as a gift. I know my blogger children know how to make this automatically link to a place you can buy the book, but I have only been at this for a week and have a lot to learn.

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