Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ooga Chucka

Yesterday the two year-old trekked across the plains to Grandparents' house.. what a hoot. First things first, " 5 doughnuts." Oh dear, we don't have a Krispee Kreme here, so he settled for half a small bagel with cream cheese. Then there is the ooga chucka vibrating and slightly terrifying gorrilla that sings when you pinch his toe. Last week H mysteriously had the answer to what do gorillas say--"Ooga Chucka"It took his parental units a few seconds to figure that one out. The gorilla still gives him a little shiver of fear, but a ferocious hug of the vibrating singing thing puts it in its place. Heaving Elmo has given H a new bravery when facing creepy singing animals. He explored the crazy cozy house where the bathrooms have a huge shower room in between. This was the most fascinating place to play with Grandpa. One can run in a loop through the three rooms of our dream shower. Later in the day he went to visit Great Grandma in the nursing home then back for more chow. SIL hooked up the Christmas gift and we played with scanning 30 year old black and white negatives. very cool. I haven't heard yet, but I am sure the blue-eyed boy fell asleep pretty quickly on his two hour ride home. At least, I hope so for mommy and daddy's sake. H sacked up his new load of small cars to add to his train table at home and took off.

I usually am alone in the LR so I was extremely aware of how small the living room has become. We just left the drawing table in here and, though it was flipped down, it still takes up room when there are 4 adults and one toddler who wants to explore the accumulated stuff from over 30 years. I will soon be bad enough to make it to clean sweep! Well, maybe not, a garage sale around here raises $3 so double that and what have you got, another couple of magazines to stack on the couch-- oh no not even that. The girls are turning 30 this year, and, except for what law student made corporate girl cart out last year, all of their stuff resides upstairs. I could just sprinkle that around down here and call Clean Sweep! That gets the yard sale total up to $10 dollars, 12 year old prom dresses would be a sure hit! Let's get this straight, I hate garage sales. Not going to happen.

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