Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adventure in Juicing: First Time

I gingerly uncrated my new Breville 600 watt juice fountain. Folks, I read the instructions, I removed all packing materials, I practiced the moves, then I took it to the kitchen. I was ever so careful with the plug and started juicing strawberries, an apple, celery, pineapple and carrots, then noticed a beautiful pool of creamy yellowy and pinky red liquid flowing out the back: I forgot to put the pitcher under the spout. What a mess! Our counter top is old science table top with a crack between each slab so I opened the drawer and marvelled at how much juice I had made, all over my smallish kitchen tools. Clean up in the produce aisle! I had to clean up the drawer and the machine, then started again. Larry and I were able to share some truly delicious and pretty juice. He said since I intended to stick around a while (live) he would, too and is willing to drink his fruits and veggies which he is not too keen on eating. We are no where near the 5 servings a day or whatever it is now. I can't get that much in my WLS pouch, and he just doesn't care much for them. This machine is remarkably easy to clean and I will learn to use the fibrous leftover for something nutritious and delicious.

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