Thursday, January 28, 2010

8 Hours of Sleep

8 hours of sleep in a night is an event worth celebrating. I have had broken sleep for years, though there have been improvements from the weight loss. The past 2 weeks with Dh's heart attack and subsequent quintuple bypass have really brought back the chopped up nights of waking hourly, and exhaustion sets in. Last night while a phone call was interfering with my enjoyment of modern family, I fell asleep just at 9p.m. and woke up to my first alarm at 5:15a.m. and I do not remember a single awakening! Yay! Today I feel invigorated, talkative and happy. DH also had a really good night's sleep, I didn't hear any coughing and nothing woke me up. He said he slept well. Hooray for both of us.

Yesterday I got my body fat level read at a local fitness center on their new big money machine, and after all this weight loss, I am at 32% body fat, just 4% above the top ideal for women. (14 to 28%) I thought with as little weight training as I had done since surgery, the numbers would be worse. Yay me! This is part of a program our principal asked out PE teacher to do for staff, and since her family owns a fitness center, they graciously let us have this reading, and it is a detailed reading, for free before we start our school exercise program. It turns out that many of the supplements and protein products I have needed and searched for are sold in their center. They carry Isopure and a shake called OhYeah! and is OhYeah! ever tasty. I also bought their high protein pancake mix and will try it for both of us. They also carry every good oil you have ever read or heard about.

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