Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today is

Today is supposed to be the day DH gets out of hospital. I had to run an errand for him so I didn't go up at lunch as I usually do and I am waiting for the call that tells me he is in his wheelchair ready to go to the car. I am working, that keeps me on an even keel, rather than waiting, waiting, waiting. This is an experience where I have had the desire to eat in an old way. I haven't done it, I physically can't do it, but the urge was strong! Everyone knows how hospital time is so if you are getting out right away, it is at least 2 or 3 hours. I may finish this day of teaching and not get a call. We had a 2 hour delay for ice and blowing snow so I sat in his room for an extra long time this morning. We are supposed to be on time to work on a delay day, and I was on time, I am usually really really early. After seeing how well he walks now and how strong he is, I am not worried about him being home. The man is really snapping back.

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