Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Update

Things are moving along swimmingly with DH's quintuple bypass. Tomorrow is his first doc's appointment and it will be his first trip out since he returned home. It has been extremely cold and he is not supposed to go out in it, breathing that cold air is not good for the healing heart. A bypass recoverer rides in the back seat away from the airbag. That was new to me. I wonder if I had an air bag when I brought my mother home? It has been way over my personal time limit since I saw the boys and I am going to have to make a LeRoy run this weekend unless they are busy. Baby Q got 2 teeth, got up on his knees to rock and started babbling on the same day! Gotta see that in person! Q's mommy, my girl, is on a cleaning and organizing rampage now that Q is entertaining himself more. Now I really have to get to work and get the 8th grade pallettes made for painting. They are only going to have this week then their grading period is over so I cannot waste any time. Later.

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