Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weight Loss or Not

Have had a week hovering at a 101 lb loss, I am pleased with my progress and don't mind hovering. I had the first mention today of losing too much, yet I am 60 lbs over my college and young bride weight. hmm. what's that about? The people who know me now in my present life have never seen me at a normal weight. I am not at a normal weight yet, but I sure am looking a heck of a lot better than I did a year ago!
Dh repaired my bicycle which had the front fork of backwards for 3 years as put together by ultra excellent bike shop. It really improves the ride! The little hills that had become challenges to me since the weight loss strangely smoothed over and got lower! My feet are no longer hit by my front tire when I turn the bike. Hard to imagine not noticing that little problem for so long! I just blamed those issues on my own body, feet, losing some strength along with weight...and it was BACKWARDS!

Last week I thought I may have lost my mind in offering my afternoon 6th graders the Oaxacan animal project. I was wrong, once we got through the horrid first day where each and every one of them was clamoring for help...I can't..I can't...I can't ringing through the air, it has been more than fine, so much better than they have been since the beginning of school. I feel like I have literally yelled at this one class 5 times in 43 minutes.(Each day) I don't much care for it when that happens, and I really don't care for raising my voice.

Because I have learned the simple task of putting pics on my blog, Thanks, daughter, I will be able to put up some photos here when the animals are finished. This project gives my kids a sculptural experience, a social studies experience, and just a lot of down right fun. I learned some techniques 3 or 4 years ago from Dan Reeder's book "Simple Screamers" that have made this project one that lasts. Little siblings say my brother still have his..maybe 4 years after making it. A child can even play with them they are so sturdy. We make the lat layer a wrap (like a mummy) of elmer's glue and strips of cotton ripped from sheets that makes them amazingly strong, and paint them with acrylics.

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