Monday, September 7, 2009

Stop Me Before I Shop Again

I have always hated shopping for me. When I was tall and thin, there were almost no tall clothes. I sewed for myself from the ages of about 13 to 40 when suddenly there were some ready mades for me, with buttons and zippers. I have hauled 2 over 40 gallon bags of things to the goodwill and that doesn't count the things that are nice enough for resale or consignment. I haven't bought myself anything that wasn't on a deep discount the past month, BUT I keep on buying. I can shop almost anywhere for me now. They have been making really long things for several years and now that I can put my hands on some items, more than one or two in a fat store that I can wear. I buy them. Things I bought a month ago are sliding off. I think I will have to get out the machine and do a little remodeling so it isn't just throwing money away. I also bought what I needed to make my newest grandbaby a colorful cozy baby quilt.....and more yarn. cotton yarn.

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