Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ya Ya Saturday

After spending twice as long as we expected trying to wrest a client's car from their garage to deliver to them, I headed off to the country to a birthday party with my favorite cousin.
I approached the house from 4 different directions and untold country miles, each time coming to "road closed". the last road closed I was about ready to cry-- a pickup truck load of a family was coming through the area and I asked how to reach my destination. The driver told me I could go through, just follow that blue pickup truck-- if your clearance is high enough. Well, by god, old law abiding me did it, and you know what? that drop off where they have completely cut a road down to the dirt bed is pretty high and I thought I was going to be trapped there. There was no way out but up and over.... I made it through and I won't be doing that again, but the afternoon, late evening on one of our state's week long period of perfection was worth the scare and the thunk. Luckily the new family fiance is a mechanic and he said I did nothing wrong and all is well. When I went home, I had to leave in the direction of the first road block, and of course, there was nothing there--just flat smooth road, If I had gone around that first sign I would have shaved an hour and a half off of that one mile trip.. and known nothing about driving off the edge of a dug up road.

Today we will go off to see Henry as Larry will be gone for a month working on a job and will not get our every-two-week-minimum Henry infusion. I will, but Larry won't. Sorry honey.