Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hot Tonight.

crawled out of exercise tonight--did 50 non-continuous minutes on the elliptical-- and a half hour of weight training in between- Now hear this, I have exercised faithfully for over one year--2 to 3 hours a week, half weight and half to 3/4 cardio--eating nutrisystems food since september--lost over 30 cholesterol is UP--248, it is usually 179 or therabouts and balanced good to bad just right. what the ??????? salad for at least 150 days for lunch out of the year and a few six inch whole wheat fresh no dressing no cheese sandwiches from subway. plenty of fruit.....grrrr. could it be my blood pressure medicine? could it be the doxepin for sleep? could it be the generic daypro for arthritis? I don't want any more damned prescriptions.

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