Friday, March 9, 2007

Week's End

The end of another week, I have fired the kiln 3 times and I am really becoming a lot more confident in that area. If spring break doesn't come soon, our school will implode, tensions are running high. I'm talking adults here, not necessarily the kids, though of course, spring is calling them, too. The 8th graders are finishing up drawing today, maybe one last day on Monday, then we will do wire sculptures followed by acrylic painting. That will carry us to the end of our 6 weeks and I will get my last group for the year. I simply cannot believe we are at this point in the school year already.

I am going to get together with my best friend/cousin tomorrow. Our daughters think WE are the ya ya sisters when we are together. I am looking forward to that!!

I am coming to the end of my bout of the painful part of shingles and have had no pain meds for 2 days. I just have occasional itching and soreness now, the worst is over. A cousin said his chiropractor told him to take lysine to never get them again, so I will research that idea.

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