Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weight Loss

Thought I'd better record it here. This morning I hit 92 pounds down. I had a gastric bypass 2-11-09, in just less than two weeks I will be 7 months out from the surgery. So far I have had no complications and I have only thrown up twice. I finally got some palatable chewable calcium citrate and am taking it faithfully. That had been the one thing it was hard to get down. Crystals, powder, taste like or feel like crap. Once again, I found what I needed on The opening two weeks of school has been wonderful, I have energy at the end of the day that I did not have before and every few days I discover another physical ability that has either improved or returned! I am doing some major reorganizing in my classroom that I never would have attempted for fear of using up my energy and not having it for teaching! Those little improvements sneak up on me and take me by surprise when I realize I am doing something easily that 7 months ago I couldn't do at all. My colleagues are telling me I am looking healthy, my color is good. I met someone yesterday who is considering the surgery and she said I was glowing, that word has been used more in the last two weeks than it ever was when I was pregnant so many years ago. I like that. Glowing and healthy looking. I think people expect you to look sick after this.

I can already tell how much more physically capable I am when I carry my newest grandson out on the deck and down the stairs/up the stairs with no problem. I can get up and down off the floor maybe 75% better than before. I have also reached what I thought was my possible goal is size and am really only 2 or 2.5 sizes away from my younger ideal. I had no expectation of getting any closer than I am right now. I guess I will just blow through that goal. My good friend D is at goal weight in WW for the first time in her life, she finished out her last 20 lbs after bariatric at WW as she likes the support, she has lost at least 120 or 125 pounds an she is only about 5'4"! Even her shoe size has dropped, that would be a financial blessing to me. Go D! Hard to find this year, 3/4 sleeves, I am flying flags under my arms, which has been true since my first round of optifast 20 years ago. Mynew pants are already sagging. thank goodness I got everything at deep sale prices, I couple of darts would keep my jeans up a little longer.

Movies: I wanted to blog a bit about 2 movies I saw yesterday, but found my twittering has really cut my blogging to almost nothing. I went to see Julie and Julia and I LOVED it, Maryl Streep was wonderful as was everybody else. They did a really good job of making Meryl look tall and I only wish I had always had Julia Child's attitude about height. I always wanted to be 6ft tall because I adored my 6ft tall aunt, and I am, but I haven't always had the confidence about it that Julia had. Hey, maybe I still don't..the story lines intertwined wonderfully from the past to the present--and I left the theater and went to Sam's and bought both Julie and Julia AND My Life in France-- then I bought some protein bars and just knew that Julia was disapproving as they are not worthy of the taste buds. I just needed a little guarantee of the protein in my day. Though (or because) the tickets were at $5, the theater was packed, mostly older people, and since I qualify at the Y now, I am also an older person. I saw an old friend from school who has moved on to another job and asked her if she teared up at all, and she had. I had wanted to shout at the crowd "did anyone else well up in here?" "or is it just me?" She welled up, too. Annoying, watching this movie with people crunching popcorn behind you. This movie is a feast in more ways than one.

I also saw "500 Days of Summer" It was a very sweet movie and I enjoyed it very much.
I appreciated the lack of graphic sex as well as the manner in which the story was told which seemed very original to me. This movie has only just arrived in mytown and there were only about 12 people in the audience. Open mouthed eaters sat behind me. Why didn't I move? Oh and by the way, the theater seats are a lot bigger than the last time I was there. hmmm. I bet airplane seats are bigger, too.

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