Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weather Report

Not really, but pretty random. I am still sore from last weeks intense legwork in the pool and have dropped more pounds since I got into the water. I have made it to 72 pounds loss, I will have to check my other entries to see where I was before the pool! Somebody told me the shorts I thought fit perfectly were baggy, O.K. they are sliding down, maybe I WILL have to purchase summer clothes before August after all. running out of smaller sizes, I could consider a belt, yeah, that's the ticket. No wait, I still have some waitng for me from daughter, I shall try them on again!
new topic
Met a new member of the extended family yesterday and, since I am a baby magnet, I had two month old Wyatt gurgling and laughing and "talking" for an extended period of time amazing his mommy, aunt and grandma, I do have a gift with babies! OK I just love em'.
another random topic
We went to the nicest AA event I have ever been to in Indy last night, nice space, food was good n plenty, service was efficient though tardy, worth the wait, everyone at my table was friendly. I always feel odd at places where I know no one and the speaker was one of the best I have ever heard with a great message not soaked too much in the horrors of the past, just enough that you could imagine. The man was 76 and had 52 years of sobriety.

Another very odd thing for me, I have done this twice since February 11, gone to a buffet and put two or three ounces of food on the plate which I could not finish. I didn't explain myself, but I really wanted to tell the sweet young couple across from me that I had had surgery, I felt my plate might make them uncomfortable! I have to say, what I did have was tasty, if you are in Indy and need caterers, I recommend Indianas--I have no idea how they spell the ending, but I can tell you they are good cooks and bring plenty of food for the crowd, people really piled on the food, even the meat was not rationed, many satisfied ooh and ahhs over the simple but delicious desserts, I got that from crowd noises, I haven't gone there yet. After all I don't want to get that sick!

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