Monday, June 29, 2009

Weather Report-Etcetera

Today is such a perfectly beautiful day I just thought I'd write that down. Very low humidity and pleasant temperature. We have had a minor heat wave with disgusting humidity for at least a week so today is especially heavenly.

Yesterday we went to daughter's house. She, grandson and I went to the new rec center in the tiny town of 4100 people. They have three nice pools, one is for toddlers and the pools are just delightful. I added to the sunburn I got on Friday at the Plainfield Aquatic Center which is an outstanding place but SO MANY people. Husband and Son in law repaired and relined their above ground pool while we were gone.

I felt so warm and toasty and relaxed from the water and the sun that I have not yet ventured out into the world today, except to sit on the front porch and read a terrific YA novel "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Sherman Alexi. Banning of this book is afoot in some nicer neighborhoods possibly for masturbation and possibly for having to face whites' treatment of First People. Couldn't be the open discussion of alcoholism, we're all past that aren't we? This national book award winner should be in every library.

Now I am awaiting the arrival of my amazon order to read a book recommended to me by @katieschwartz , right now I am blanking on the title but I will get back to you.

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