Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a Cold and Icy Day

Our corporation did something unheard of, it cancelled at 7:30a.m. Usually if it isn't done by 6a.m. it won't be done. We were on a two hour delay and the roads in town are pretty horrible. The only reason I wasn't already out the door (we are expected to be on time) is that I was going to wait for a bit of daylight so I could see where I was sliding. Do you think the airbag in a 99 still works? Now I am sitting her dressed for school but shoeless and my jammies are calling me. Even hot chocolate is calling me. I don't have that much but it may also be my last.

Things are going swimmingly for my roux n Y coming up in a couple of weeks, my physical life is going to change. I am looking forward to rejoining my exercise class, to having less and less pain in my knees and to having certain numbers drop, like BP, cholesterol, and the blood sugar that has been creeping up slowly for a few years.

I hope this finds law daughter safe at home with the soon to be 4 year old tucked away from ice as I believe they had more than we did, they are really on the plains where the cold winds blow. brr, a chill to think of it.

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